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Plant Seeds.
Do Good.

Our community-driven approach to projects has enabled us to partner with established artists, community leaders, and students to drive positive change and plant seeds of healing. We work tirelessly to create meaningful connections with our local communities and raise awareness of mental wellbeing. Scroll to check out our creative partners, and their impact on communities below.


Daria` Hammond

Daria` is a multifaceted individual with roles as an arts and wellness facilitator, a muralist, and a teaching artist. As the founder of Be Hue, Daria` is passionately dedicated to promoting mental well-being within creative communities and fostering positive change through the arts and collaboration with like-minded artists.


Lauren Maleski

Lauren, a passionate author and nature lover, is also a skilled brand copywriter who is deeply involved in the arts and wellness. She has a special talent for crafting stories that resonate with the emotions of others and firmly advocates that joy and grief can exist harmoniously. Her unwavering dedication lies in creating a safe and nurturing space for others.


Timothy Joe

Alabama-based artist, teacher, and third-generation Black Angus farmer, Timothy Joe, creates stunning art that serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of nature conservation. Through his intricate nature journaling and soft pastel workshops, he skillfully imparts knowledge about sustainable living and the responsible use of natural resources.


Connor McMurray

Hailing from the vibrant musical community of Huntsville, this highly skilled multi-instrumentalist and vocalist has left an indelible mark on the Southeastern music scene. With a fearless approach, he fearlessly delves into a diverse range of genres, infusing rock, and jazz to make up a very eclectic repertoire of music. His unwavering enthusiasm for nurturing Huntsville's music scene reflects his deep passion for music and community.

Richard (RJ) Hammond

RJ has been dedicated to honing his craft for over a decade. He possesses a unique blend of technical expertise and artistic sensibility, allowing him to produce music that is both complex and emotionally resonant. Richard's musical repertoire is incredibly diverse, encompassing genres such as gospel, rock, jazz,  musical theater, and more. His ability to seamlessly traverse these different styles while maintaining a distinct and recognizable sound is a testament to his skill and artistry.

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