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2024 Exhibition


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Mental Health Awareness Month

Location: Healthcare community | Huntsville Hospital and Huntsville Hospital for Women and Children

Words of Rest from the Huntsville community

Slow moving is still moving !!

Hunstville, AL

To me rest means stop... stop striving for others approval, or for perfection.  By stopping (resting), I can be content in knowing I am deeply loved and accepted. Rest reminds me that I do not have to earn approval or acceptance, because I already have it. 

Hunstville, AL Huntsville Hospital

Rest and sleep are two different things in my mind.  Sleep is for the body and rest is for the mind. Having rest for the mind is being able to maintain peace in the midst of a busy schedule or the chaos that's in the world. Rest is a deliberate act. You choose to rest from all the noise that surrounds us daily. 

Hunstville, AL Huntsville Hospital


The community-inspired and group exhibition, Rest sparks  dialogue with what it means to rest in this fast-paced life of challenges.  We are not given enough time to heal, make mistakes, or connect.  Instead, we get caught up in the vision of our futures, not realizing we are becoming guinea pigs running on a treadmill.

Running and not catching up.

Producing but not impacting.

Rushing and not engaging. 

If you could slow down, what would you tell yourself? What would you tell a stranger? Artists were encouraged to use his or her creativity to illustrate how rest impacted their well-being and allow the creative process to transform. Are you well-nourished or malnourished? The work that was submitted in this exhibition does not only challenge artists as they create and focus on rest, but it has also challenged the minds of individuals whose everyday lifestyle has become unfruitful.

Patients, families, and staff within the healthcare community and outside communities were asked to share what Rest means to them. If you would like to submit words of comfort click Home.  Responses will remain anonymous. 


You may view this exhibition at Huntsville Hospital and Huntsville Hospital for Women and Children.

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