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Qiyanni Bowie

Qiyanni worked with The Legacy Center Inc. whose mission is to provide health and wellness support programs for older, disabled, and cognitively impaired adults and under-served populations.

This life-changing project consisted of multiple planter boxes that were in need of life and color. Qiyanni led and facilitated a community paint day for the seniors and children (over 20 participants that The Legacy Center serves. 


17-year-old year Qiyanni has always found herself infatuated with people and depicting those very them in their most natural and beautiful state of simply just being through portraiture.  She draws inspiration from life itself, the black community, and most importantly her supportive family who fuels her passion. Her love for creating pushes her to explore a multitude of mediums outside of painting and drawing such as ceramics, sewing, and oils. Aside from portraits, Qiyanni also loves to fill the pages of her sketchbook with fashion illustrations. 

Now heading into her senior year of high school, she has every intention of turning her passion for art and design into a long-lasting career in which she can leave her mark on the world.  

Qiyanni Bowie x The Legacy Center

"Allowing myself to step into this position as lead artist, and truly allow myself to learn how to be a leader, has only propelled me even further towards gaining confidence as the facilitator of this project I’ve learned the importance of communication and planning, whether it be giving instructions, scheduling, or clarifying something, I now know to be as thorough and specific as possible so as not to confuse anyone. For anybody who sees themself taking on some sort of executive role later in life— but especially as someone who sees herself having a prominent role in the art world and fashion industry at some point— having exposure to such roles this early in life will only prepare me for even greater things. I don’t think that I am quite used to being around such excited groups yet, but the only way to get used to something is to expose yourself to it more frequently. So as I find myself in different situations in the future, whether or not it's art-related, I can take with me and apply all that this project has left with me, and for that, I am forever grateful."

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