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  A love letter to the creative community.


Our heart is for the tortured artist

Be Hue is an artist-initiated passion project where art and collaboration become the vehicle where we challenge the stereotype of the tortured artist and break the stigma in local artistic communities. Whether artists are just starting out, emerging, or thriving as a professional, we all deal with creative roadblocks, mental health issues and so much more that can get in the way of our success as artists.

Painter Jean-Michel Basquiat was depressed and traumatized by his childhood yet, he strived in the 80's. 

Musician Amy Winehouse died at the age of 27 from drug abuse and alcohol poisoning.


In July 2023 creative Angus Cloud dealt with grief and passed away from suicide at the age of 25. 


The list goes on...

The success and talent of an artist are always celebrated, while the well-being of an artist is inevitably overlooked. Providing creatives access to a community of like-minded individuals, mental health resources, and supporting mental health advocates, allows Be Hue to become a solution for creatives searching for purpose.
Unlike other memberships, creatives have no membership fees to join us. Because our heart is for the creative, as a for-profit we put the responsibility on to local communities to support programming for local artists through donations and collaborations.

Because Be Hue is not considered therapy, artists will have access to mental health resources if further help is needed. Artists get to transform untraditional and public spaces through collaborative work, all while connecting to purpose and bettering their mental well-being. 

Founded by Dariá Hammond | Huntsville, Al

Dariá Hammond is a community artist, established muralist, and arts & wellness facilitator for the city of Huntsville. She has always had a passion to help creatives and walk alongside them as they fulfill what God has created them to be.  Dariá has been an artpreneur for a decade and has been working in the Arts and Health field for 5 years and counting. In 2023 she received her digital badge with the University of Florida to create healthy communities through programming.

What goes on in the creative process is crucial to Dariá. Along with her past, she has experienced artists that conceal pride, anger, and trauma in the art they create. Her goal is to restore and nourish professional creatives so they can do the same for their community. 

If you need immediate help, please call 911, or your provincial mental health helpline.

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