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An intimate gathering for those to be free and alive in through creativity


Restorative soul

Our holistic Gathers become the center of Be Hue's mission and are open to the public for the community to experience. A third space for artists to engage with the community through creativity and community engagement. These sessions challenge the fast-paced mentality of the everyday individual who needs a refreshing,  deals with burnout, or the individual who just needs a moment to slow down. This is a moment for the community to experience nourished creativity, reboot, and be poured into with art as the source. Because life is full of pressures there is a need to nourish, refuel our souls, and release. 

Gatherings are never limited to one location and always include environments that spark creativity. Please contact  if you are interested in hosting a Gather. 

Before we gather, we challenge artists to take a break from pressured creating to focus on refueling. Join us to focus on rest! 

If you need immediate help, please call 911, or your provincial mental health helpline.

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