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Be Hue is a love letter and sanctuary to the creative community. An act of love and nourishing safe space of opportunities, support, and stories surrounding the mental well-being of the creative. We exist to inspire the artistic community to live a life rooted in purpose, hopefulness, and wholesomeness through voices, art, and collaboration.


In the creative industry, the idea of the tortured artist is romanticized, which allows us to believe that to become a successful artist there has to be pain and trauma. Hence our mission is like a love letter to sustain, nourish, and uplift the creative community. Join us to break the stigma and challenge the stereotype of the tortured artist.

Our Mission

An Invitation to Rest

Share words regarding Rest in areas of mental health, well-being, or Faith for the creative community.

Thank you for sharing. 


Be Well Do Good.

Community Health


Our Gathers become a creative third space for minds to come together and share their work and process to restore from burnout, life challenges, and constantly being on the go. We aim to bring people of all levels and backgrounds together to create something truly special. The synergy of music, visual, and literary arts and more becomes nourished in an inspiring environment where creativity can flourish.

No Hustle Culture

We strive to promote the use of art as a form of resilience, hope, and healing in the life of the creative. Our next goal is to spread the good through public art in untraditional spaces and ways. Join us with projects to give back, spread healing, and strengthen communities. 


Spark Change




If you need immediate help, please call 911, or your provincial mental health helpline.

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Wellness Club

A community of mental health advocates and inspiring artists from all over the world understand the creative blocks we encounter while on this journey. Though this is not considered therapy, join us to have an open dialogue about our mental well-being, ask questions, and connect to a therapist to go deeper into creative healing. 

Be Hue partners with artists that share the same drive and mission. Consider contributing purposeful art, designs, and creations. Your work will be featured on our merchandise, social media platforms, and content, reaching a broader audience and helping make a positive change in the world.

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Make donations to support mental health in creative communities

Give Back options include monthly donations, paying it forward,  or contributing art.

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